Armando Rodriguez

The story of this singer/songwriter goes back a few years. It started in a small hazy little town named San Vicente Texas, whose closest neighbor is Marathon.The early musical influences were the likes of Glen Campbell and his silent fiddle player whose name remains unknown. The vocal greats, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Pedro Negrete. In later years the likes of Bob Dylan, Neil Young, James Taylor and the Southern Rockers left an impression that remains to this day.There have been other impressionist along the way such as Carlos Santana and Carlos Nakai with his unyielding storytelling.The musical journey has been beautiful, it has been mine, it has been lifesaving and forever a part of the spirit that has been my guiding light sent to me from a power on high. The mix of influences can be heard in the songs of love and love lost, songs of protest, songs of despair and songs of joy and optimism. Music is a powerful force that can change your life and gives a voice to those that yearn for one. I continue to explore my innermost self to find my own song and express it to you.