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Sunday, February 1st, 2015

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Ten Pound Horses Album Release!

Ten Pound Horses”

Some years ago, I dreamt of a harmonious, scenic area of natural beauty with an unyielding reality of utter quietness.  The air was pure and fresh and it made me feel re-energized.  This unspoiled landscape abounded with peace, balance, and purity-the same that has eluded man for centuries.  It was inhabited by ten-pound horses that were far more powerful than they appeared. The image of these majestic animals distinctly stood out and has remained with me throughout my life’s journey.   I have realized that this imaginative experience was a manifestation of my deepest desire to find myself.  The notion of “finding oneself” is not new to mankind.  We restlessly seek fulfillment outside of ourselves and fail to perceive that the inner peace, balance, and purity of self we constantly yearn for in our lives, abide within our hearts.  This is the place where the “Ten Pound Horses” exist.  Don’t let the train of life pass you by.  Have the courage and the strength of will to look inside your heart and cultivate your true nature.